All Nighters Rarely Pay Off

There is such an awesome feeling of working through the night. There’s no email going off to bother you, no iMessages, nothing that requires your immediate attention. Just you, code and your compiler. I’ve often done this and fallen trap to the seemingly friendly all-nighter. Reality is, it didn’t really pay off.

It’s true. Think about the last time you pulled an all nighter with tons of Red Bull to get something done. How did you feel once you woke up the next day? Probably not your best. It actually takes a few days for you to fully recover, and that sucks. If you had gone to sleep and woken up earlier, you’d probably have to gotten just as much done, but would’ve felt way better once you were completed.

Sleep is your friend. It helps you think of better solutions to problems you encounter. Not to mention, the people around you will thank you for not being in such a shitty mood for a few days.

Here’s what I do when I want to reach that “night” feeling during the day:

  • Shut off email
  • Turn my phone upside down
  • Let those around me know that once I put my headphones on, I don’t want to be bothered until the headphones are off
  • Put on my noise-cancellation headphones (Beats Executive is my current favorite)
  • Focus solely on my monitor and let absolutely nothing else distract me

It takes about 10 minutes for me to fall into that night productivity level, and unless someone reaches over (they never do), I’m able to quickly accomplish things in a much more productive way.

About Raphael Caixeta
I've been programming ever since I was 13, learning Visual Basic. After a while, Visual Basic got really boring. A friend of mine started learning PHP and showed me some cool little sites he was making. I started learning PHP the weekend after. 4 years later, I'm was able to create amazing websites using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. I started iPhone development a few months after the SDK was out, and that's how I became an app developer.