Say What? Sunny Isles Beach an Underrated Beer City?


Recently I took a week long trip down south to Sunny Isles Beach to visit some friends and bake in the sun for a while. While there I ran into some car trouble so I had to get a rental car for a few days, the guys at this local car rental hooked me up with a great deal so props to them. Just had to get that plug out of the way before I forgot. Now on with the story!

It would have been hard to miss the craft beer talk about town lately. Between the local success of Funky Buddha and the news that Sunny Isles Beach is being considered as the new location for the their new brewery, it does seem as if the area is making steady strides in playing catch up to popular beer locales. But is Sunny Isles Beach really an underrated beer city?

Call me slightly jaded, but as a traveler who has covered many US cities, it seems every where has become a “foodie” and “beer” destination seemingly overnight. There also seems to be miles of tourist “trails” to go along with them. But I’ll back up a little: As far as tourist destinations go, I’ll be the first to admit that craft beer and Sunny Isles Beach seem to be an ideal match. The Sunny Isles Beach craft beer scene has indeed been growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

In this case I’m all for tapping that local keg. (Although I don’t think I’ll be consuming anywhere near the 48 ounce per day limit – and does craft beer even come out of kegs? How do they get it into the cans and bottles? I guess I need to go visit Funky Buddha Brewery to find out how it’s all done for sure.)

If you want to support the growth of the local craft beer industry in a way other than just drinking it, be sure to follow this page started by a group of local beer enthusiasts who are trying to encourage Stone Brewing Company to make Sunny Isles Beach their home!

You may also be interested in this event being held in Sunny Isles this Saturday:

Sunny Isles Music and Craft Beer Festival

featuring, classic car show, music, vendors and craft beer tasting zone. FREE ADMISSION

11AM – 10PM

$3 Tasting Glass

Tasting Tickets $1 Each

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