My Favourite IOS Apps

I use these apps on an almost daily basis, and I’m sure my iOS experience wouldn’t be the same without them. What are your favorite iOS apps?



This one is an obvious one to have. Even though it’s always crashing, it’s a lot better than going to their mobile version. And it has push notifications.


The official Twitter app doesn’t look as awesome and doesn’t support CloudApp; and since it has push notifications support now, I love it even more.


I’m always on AIM, and even though there are alternatives to the official app, I’ve never quite got used to the other ones.


Fast Food Calories

I like knowing how many calories I’m about to eat, and with FastFood, I have access to the menu of several restaurants along with their food’s calorie counting.


Nothing motivates me to lose more weight than knowing how close I am to my goal. Weightbot allows me to track my weight every day so I know how far I’ve come and how much more I have to go.


When I’m not tracking my weight, I’m probably tracking my runs and other misc. fitness related data. Dayta allows me to track everything with ease and provides awesome analytics and graphs to see how far I’ve come. It’s even got a web app now that syncs your data for you.



I have tons of stuff to remember on a daily basis; Wallet allows me to be able to forget some of those things. It’s also available on the Mac and syncs with MobileMe.


I’ve been using this as my task manager for a long time. Even though they don’t have cloud syncing *yet*, I’ve gotten so used to it that using anything else is just a hassle.


Integrates with my Google Analytics account and gives me detailed reports on the go. Universal with iPad support.


Video chats, calls and regular chats. Awesome to stay connected with oversea employees.

Going Out


Gorgeous way of calculating tips.


Find new places nearby to go eat, etc.

Be Put

I may be a little biased here, but being able to send my friends driving directions to my exact location is pretty awesome.


Checks for both local, and online deals on products you’re about to buy.



Being able to code while watching a movie or Entourage is awesome. Enough said. I use this mostly on my iPad, but the iPhone version is just as good.


15+ million songs on the go. Pretty amazing if you have unlimited data plan. Even if you don’t, you can create offline playlists.


Zombie GS

Not sure why, but bombing zombies from an AC-130 has been tons of fun. Now that they added universal iPad support, it’s gotten even better.

Doodle Jump

Constant updates, multiplayer, and an addiciting gameplay, DoodleJump is one of my all time favorite iPhone games.

Cut The Rope

Who doesn’t love feeding the little guy the candy? I have all 3 of them and find myself playing all 3 of them all the time

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I've been programming ever since I was 13, learning Visual Basic. After a while, Visual Basic got really boring. A friend of mine started learning PHP and showed me some cool little sites he was making. I started learning PHP the weekend after. 4 years later, I'm was able to create amazing websites using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. I started iPhone development a few months after the SDK was out, and that's how I became an app developer.