Don’t stop learning

There comes a time after you’ve done the same thing for a while that you begin to feel like you’re an expert. That’s awesome for you. A great feeling. A feeling where you feel like you’re in absolute control.

That’s also where a comfort zone is created – and although good, it can often prevent you from exploring new things. Things that you would love if tried, but you’re too scared because what you’re doing works.

Try to step out of your comfort zone once or twice. It may feel weird at first, but after you get the basics down, it may be better than what you were doing previously! If not, oh well – you were good at something before that.

Don’t ever settle for just good and stay complacent. Keep it moving until it’s perfect. And then make it even better.

About Raphael Caixeta
I've been programming ever since I was 13, learning Visual Basic. After a while, Visual Basic got really boring. A friend of mine started learning PHP and showed me some cool little sites he was making. I started learning PHP the weekend after. 4 years later, I'm was able to create amazing websites using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. I started iPhone development a few months after the SDK was out, and that's how I became an app developer.